Friday, 3 November 2017

Ignition Assembly

                        Ignition Assembly

On Monday 16th of October Glenbrae had its Inquiry Learning Ignition Assembly.

When we got to the hall, we quickly sat down and waited for Ms Elia to arrive. As soon as Ms Elia finally arrived she welcomed us back to school and asked us to stand up for the National Anthem. After we sang the National Anthem Ms Elia asked us to sit down.

Once  everyone had settled down, Ms Elia talked to us all about Sunsmart, Physical Development, Kelly Tarltons and Dance. These were some of the topics we were going to cover in term four.
After Ms Elia, it was Mr Nath’s turn. He spoke to us about puberty for the seniors only and how they were going to have their puberty talk.

Next was Mrs Ripata’s turn to speak to us. She spoke to us about Good Behaviour and challenges and how she sees a lot of students playing really nicely.

Afterwards Ms Stone spoke to us on how to protect animals and she showed us a video about her looking after a cat and a dog. In the video we saw how she was taking good care of the two animals.

Later on Mrs Kumar talked to us about one land animal and a sea animal. The land animal was an elephant and the sea animal was a jellyfish. There millions of jellyfishes in the ocean. And how there are only a few elephant on land.

After Mrs Kumar it was Mrs Raj turn. She spoke to us about jellyfishes and how we are making turtles think that plastic bags are jellyfishes.

Later on Mr Mooyman and Mrs Tofa went up together and spoke to us about Being Sunsmart. Mr Mooyman told us what happened to him in the Holidays and Mrs Tofa spoke to us on hot to be sunsmart.

Finally it was Mrs Sigamony turn. She spoke to us about  how we can save a million Turtles and asked us to search up thing about turtles.

When we finished talking about our Inquiry topics. So we  went on to doing the reading logs. Ms Elia was so pleased to see that a lot of students read during the holidays.

After giving out prizes to those who did their reading log Ms Elia dismissed us to our classes. I had a really good time at assembly because i learnt a lot of things about our Inquiry topics.

By: Maya Griffiths.

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