Saturday, 9 December 2017

Room 10 class of 2017

On Thursday Night I made this little gift for my Best Friend that was going to go Samoa with her family. We stayed up late just to Finnish this piece of work for Room 10 class of 2017.

😣Thank you Rm 10 class of 2017!!!😣
From the beginning of this year, I had a class that has been with me since from Room 1!, there still here helping each and one another and sticking up for each other. They’ve been the best class for 2017, we also learnt a lot from our teacher Mr. Nath and also not forgetting the teacher aid, Miss. card!😊
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-I learnt a lot from year 2017, because everybody encouraged and supported each and every one another...I learnt how to act at certain times, Talk respectfully to others, Making new friends over the past few months and treat others the way they wanted to be treated! I know I did some mistakes in the past few months, but I learn from them every time👅❣️

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I also loved working with the class because it made me feel more comfortable and confident!! Last year, I was so shy but I learnt to be the most confident person ever! I would never forget the people in my class and my friends that has stuck with me moving on...🎉🎉

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  • Also sportsmanship has helped me throughout the year. I had a loads of fun with sports this year especially because I participated in Netball and Athletics! That was a really good achievement for me! I also won’t forget our coaches that teaches us all🤗.
  • These are friends that has been there for me since beginning of the year!👇
Crazy Muck arounds!!!
  • Girls!! - Kalo❣️Ngakiri❣️Lesieli😊Bianca😱 Candice😜 Maya😘
Boys!! - Lewis🖖Mahoney🖖Kue’a🎋Viliami🎋Dyson😊 Saia

  • Bssfrrrrrrsss🥀
  • Ngakiri🌷Bianca🌷Kalo🌷Maya 🌷

                                                               Love you’s!!🌺
Ya’ll teached me everything every single day!!

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  • And I will never forget our teacher Mr. Nath!!🔽

Little Speech!🔽

Thank you Mr. Nath for everything you have done for Room 10, we all enjoyed having you as our teacher for 2017 and who knows?, you might be our teacher next year (2018) 😉. You’ve teached me a lot of things when I was confused and you're the one that has faith/trust/hope in me throughout this year! I’ve really enjoyed you!! I really hope you will be our teacher for next year so your students from this year can show you who we really are next year!🎋 I had a really fun time dancing with my class and you have given each and every one of us confidence!! You're the BEST!!!🥀🌷 Luv you as a Teacher.

THANK YOU ROOM 10 CLASS OF 2017! CATCH YA NEXT YEAR!!! Off to a new journey! 😍😍